Blac Chyna gets a new tattoo to match boyfriend Mechie


Blac Chyna got a new tattoo that matches the one her new boyfriend got but it seems to be more about her than him.

Blac Chyna must have learned after getting and removing a Future tattoo last year. This time around, she got matching tattoos with her new boyfriend Mechie. She didn’t get his name or initials, though.

Instead, in a not-so-shocking show of self-love, Blac Chyna got her own initials tattooed on the inside of her left ankle. When she was asked if the tattoo was proof of love, she even admitted that it was all about loving herself.

The same tattoo made its debut a couple of days earlier on Meechie’s neck. Blac Chyna’s initials were inked right behind his right ear.

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Blac Chyna and Mechie were recently in Miami while the former stripper made an appearance at the Mynt nightclub. While they were there, Chyna and Mechie also managed some PDA that has everyone talking.

In all honesty, this looks like the guy in the video Chyna sent to Rob over the Fourth of July holiday that had him so mad. Is it possible that this was the guy kissing on Blac Chyna that started the whole Rob Kardashian Instagram rant and revenge porn drama?

It’s pretty clear that Chyna isn’t going to make the mistake of getting anyone else’s initials on her body other than her own ever again.

For those that might be wondering, the tattoo shows off the initials “BC” for Blac Chyna. Rob Kardashian’s ex-fiance’s real name is Angela Renee White.  It would have been changed to Angela Renee Kardashian, the name she wanted to trademark, but the Kardashian sisters quickly shot that down with their legal team. However, she is definitely best known by her stripper name, Blac Chyna.

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