Blac Chyna defends Rob Kardashian at recent event — Only she can talk trash about her baby daddy


Blac Chyna may not want to be with Rob Kardashian but that doesn’t mean she’ll let you trash him.

Right now, things aren’t looking good for any romantic reunions between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. To be honest, if either of them even tried to get back together, most of the KUWTK fan base would probably be pretty upset.

However, just because Rob and Chyna aren’t together, or even on speaking terms, means that Chyna is going to let anyone disrespect her baby daddy. That’s basically what she said a few nights back when it happened according to the Daily Mail. 

A few nights back, Blac Chyna made headlines when she made an appearance for a Project LA party. It was reported that Chyna earned $15K for the appearance, which will help pay her rent since Rob isn’t doing it anymore.

She was wearing a long, red wig with a black and white polka dot bandanna that matched her outfit. Clearly, she wasn’t going for subtle. Then again, Chyna is rarely subtle.

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It was after the appearance while Blac Chyna was getting into a vehicle to leave that the Rob Kardashian disrespect was spewed. A paparazzi photographer yelled out, “F**k Rob!”

That didn’t sit well with Blac Chyna who immediately responded to the crass photog. “Hey, don’t talk about my baby daddy like that,” Chyna shouted back.

The whole thing can be seen in the video above. It looks like Blac Chyna may be over dating Rob but she still cares enough to make sure that no one disrespects him. Well, except for her, of course.

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