Is Taylor Swift going to take shots at Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on her new album?


It was just announced that Taylor Swift is getting ready to drop an album and many KUWTK fans have wondered if she will take shots at Kim and Kanye in any of the new songs. 

Taylor Swift went off the grid not long after Kim Kardashian exposed her for being not so truthful about consent with his song “Famous.” After Tay Tay told the world how upset she was over Kanye including a line about her in the song, Kim claimed that she knew all about it and even proved as much to the world.

That didn’t sit well with Taylor, who has been very quiet lately while working on her upcoming album. It turns out that she’s named the new album Reputation. Something that was massively damaged after Kim Kardashian caught her in a lie.

It’s no secret that Swift writes her own songs and she often sings about old boyfriends and things that really did happen to her. Which is why there is no doubt in my mind that she will be taking shots at Kim and Kanye, causing their feud to get even uglier.

Prior to announcing her grand return, Taylor Swift’s Instagram and Twitter accounts were wiped clean. Her fans freaked out thinking something was amiss. It turns out she was just doing like Future did back in January when he wiped his Instagram clean and started teasing a new album.

We can’t blame her, the formula obviously works. Everyone is talking about Taylor Swift days before she even announced the release of her new single, which is apparently titled “I Am Not Okay.” It comes out today, by the way.

Was Taylor Swift taking shots at Kim and Kanye?

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Prior to the announcement, two snake videos were dropped on Taylor’s Instagram account. The first was uploaded on Monday and featured an ominous, slithery snake. The second video was more of the same, showing more snakey slithering but never an actual snake head. Two snakes could be symbolic. She’s not happy with Kim and Kanye.

That sort of seems like a clue that Taylor is going to be singing about some sort of snake. The metaphor definitely wasn’t lost on Swifties, who took to Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts and swamped her with snake emojis.

It’s pretty clear that the coming of Taylor Swift’s new album is going to be drama for Kim and Kanye. Here at Kardashian Dish, we just want you all to know that we are ready for it. Bring it on Swift. Let’s see what you have to say on Reputation. 

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The three year wait for another Taylor Swift album will be over on November 10. That’s when Reputation drops and we can check to see what she says about Kim and Kanye. She won’t be silent. That’s not the Taylor way.