Kim Kardashian bikini pic causes uproar as reality star reposts old photo as new


Kim Kardashian lands her second photo scandal this week with a bikini pic.

This week hasn’t been kind to the selfie queen, Kim Kardashian. She is currently mixed up in a backlash from a photo shoot she did with North West that debuted earlier this week in Interview magazine. Now, Kim is getting flak for another photo scandal that might just be worse than the first.

Yesterday was “Throwback Thursday” day on social media and Kim Kardashian seemingly participated. There is only one problem though, she didn’t label the photo as a “TBT” on Instagram. According to the Hollywood Gossip,  Kardashian was immediately called out for trying to pass the bikini photo off as brand new, when in reality, it came from a few years ago.

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The idea that people are in an uproar over the bikini photo Kim Kardashian posted isn’t shocking. She is heavily criticized for every move she makes, even for posting a random photo. Because yesterday was Thursday, many assume she simply forgot the #TBT part and shared it. Either way, Kardashian looks smokin’ hot in the photo.

Talk about a possible nude photo shoot has been running rampant due to a comment Kardashian made. She was being candid and shared how she felt about working out all the time to get into shape. Having a fit body is incredibly important to her now. Kim went through hell with pregnancy weight gain with North and was mocked mercilessly in the press for it.

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With everything happening in her life right now, Kim Kardashian isn’t worried about the controversy surrounding her Instagram photo. In fact, the bikini photo is still on her account with all the negativity in the comments.