Cher ‘proud’ of Kim Kardashian for her tribute in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia


Kim Kardashian loves to pay tribute to her idols by dressing up as them with Cher being her most recent inspiration. 

After Kim Kardashian dressed up and posed as one of her favorite celebrities, Cher made sure to give her approval. On Thursday, she even tweeted out a message to let Kim and everyone else know how she felt. It turns out that she really loved Kim’s version of her for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

Both women are part Armenian and their shared background has helped the women bond. It also helps Kim to look a whole lot like Cher after she is styled and long black tresses are added. Kim is a dead ringer for the “Believe” singer in the new magazine spread.

After seeing Kim Kardashian’s magazine photos, Cher took to Twitter to share her approval. “My Little Armenian 🌟Sister did us both Proud,” she wrote.

Kim was quick to respond back to Cher, letting her idol know that the feelings were mutual. “I love you!!!!” Kim tweeted back at the iconic singer.

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Even though Kim is much curvier and shorter than her idol, she managed to pull off a very convincing Cher photo shoot. Some of the photos were shared on Twitter alongside the picture of the singer that inspired it and it’s safe to say that Kardashian did a great job.

This isn’t the first time that Kim has posed as one of her idols and it certainly won’t be the last. In August, Kim also did a Jackie Kennedy photo shoot with North West where they recreated many famous photos. Sadly, Kim was criticized for that shoot because many felt her skin was too dark. She was accused of

Sadly, Kim was criticized for that shoot because many felt her skin was too dark. She was accused of blackface and some thought she was trying to match her biracial daughter.

Of course, another famous Kim Kardashian tribute was made to another of her idols. Many remember the black and white photo of Kim with a white towel wrapped around her hair while she flashed her huge engagement ring. That was a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, whom Kim has also idolized and imitated.

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Kim has been so heavily criticized lately that it must have been nice to hear a compliment. She works hard and there’s no denying that her depiction of Cher for the photo spread was spot on.