The truth about Life of Kylie ratings — Will Kylie Jenner’s show get canceled?


Kylie Jenner debuted Life of Kylie in August and so far, the show has not been a hit. 

Let’s just start this out with the positive. Kylie Jenner is a great girl and one of my favorites of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. There’s a lot of things about the youngest Keeping Up With The Kardashians star that make her interesting. Life of Kylie has just not been that interesting.

So far, we’ve seen Kylie go on a prom date with a random kid from Sacramento. We saw Kylie and her BFF Jordyn Woods scouting and trying to buy fake lip kits. And most recently, we learned how the Kylie Cosmetics founder donates a lot of her earnings to help kids in Peru.

In complete honesty, Life of Kylie has been an E! network produced infomercial about what wonderful person Kylie Jenner is. And she is, we’re not arguing that for one moment.

However, when it comes to reality TV, nowadays viewers want drama. They want to see conflict and tension. Maybe Kylie would have done better ratings-wise if she had debuted her messy love life.

If Kylie had introduced Travis Scott and showed the world their love, the ratings would have been higher.

Had Kylie talked about her past relationship with Tyga and given us the dirt on why they split, the ratings would be higher.

Even sibling rivalry would make the Life of Kylie ratings go up. If Kylie were to admit during a confessional that she wants to be more popular than Kim or that it’s moving on up as the most popular KUWTK star which motivates her, then her spinoff show would have higher ratings.

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What I’m saying is, the sugar-coated Life of Kylie episodes are nice but Kylie and everyone else knows that those watered-down scenes that talk about all the good she is doing are not coming across as authentic.

The proof of that is that since Life of Kylie premiered, the ratings have fallen to about half of what they were. The latest episode titled “Met Ball” only drew 640,000 viewers. That’s nothing in the TV world. Kylie could drop a new lip kit and sell more units than that.

Life of Kylie’s debut in August had just 1.12 million viewers according to Unreality TV. The show’s steady decline in numbers in just five episodes is proof of what I said above. Fans want to see Kylie as edgy. What we got was the diet soda version.

There are rumors that Kris Jenner has been rallying the troops in hopes that some promotion from Kim, Kourtney and Khloe might interest some new viewers. There have even been reports that Kris has been trying to add new footage to already-completed edits in order to make the show more interesting.

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So we’ll say it again. Make it edgier. Show the real Kylie Jenner. Kris knows what sells and what doesn’t. She should have known better. Give us authentic Kylie and the ratings will be there.

Don’t be surprised if Life of Kylie is canceled in the near future. It’s disappointing and I know I had high hopes for the show. Next time, maybe Kylie will come out of her shell a bit and show us the edgy side of her that we see on Snapchat.