Kylie Jenner gets relationship news from Peruvian shaman on Life of Kylie


Is Kylie Jenner worried about what Travis Scott might be doing while she’s away? 

On the latest episode of Life of Kylie, Kylie Jenner headed to Peru with Jordy Woods and Kris Jenner for a charity trip to see Smile Train. While they were there, the girls decided to have a bit of fun too.

Kylie and Jordyn went to see a Peruvian shaman to get a ready. While they were there, a disapproving Kris Jenner looked on while Kylie commented that her mom “thinks we’re a little crazy.”

Despite recent rumors that Kylie and Travis called it quits, Kylie asked the shaman to tell her what is in store in terms of her love life. She obviously wants to know if Travis is a good fit or if she should move on.

From everything we know about Travis Scott, he seems to really be into Kylie Jenner. However, there’s always a little bit of doubt, especially since both of them are always busy with photo shoots or concerts and other projects that keep super stars busy.

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It turns out that the shaman had great news for Kylie Jenner. The reading seemed to confirm the relationship for the Life of Kylie star.

“This is actually very good,” the translator tells Kylie. “There is one person that is very interested. You can see he’s already talking with you. Yes, he has good intentions. He’s inside, looking at you.”

Kris, who is obviously not feeling any of this interjects to ask, “Does it start with a ‘T?'”

Speaking of T, Kris Jenner’s comment pointed out that Kylie must have a thing for that letter. Or at least for men whose name start with it.

First, she spent years with Tyga, having begun their relationship when she wasn’t even legal yet. Now, she’s moved on to Travis Scott. Interesting.

In any case, Kylie Jenner has confessed recently that she has trouble being in a relationship. It seems that her star status, as well as fans’ appetite for celebrity gossip, makes it hard for her to deal.

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Let’s hope the shaman was right and that Travis Scott is everything Kylie Jenner is hoping for.