Petty or pure genius? Kim Kardashian sends Kimoji Hearts to her haters


It looks like being on Kim Kardashian’s naughty list might just have its perks!

Kim Kardashian released her latest line of Valentine’s Day inspired fragrances on February 1. Because it’s a special occasion, Kim announced on Snapchat that she’s saving a few bottles of her new Kimoji Hearts fragrances to send to her “lovers and haters.” Then, to make things even more interesting, she showed everyone a group of carefully organized and color-coded sticky notes that she wrote the names of each person she wanted to send a bottle to.

Now, when Kim said she was sending a Valentine’s Day gift to her haters, she meant her haters. Under the blue sticky notes, which would indicate that they are receiving the Bae fragrance, names like Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna, and even Wendy Williams.

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Also written on blue sticky notes were Pink, Chelsea Handler, Bette Midler, and Sharon Osbourne. It seems that anyone that Kim Kardashian has verbally sparred with or who has been highly critical of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star will be getting the blue bottle.

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We have to wonder what is in the Bae fragrance that might make Kim want to send just that one to her haters. Is there an ingredient that might calm them down? A little love potion? Maybe she just wants all her haters to smell the same. We’ll know something is up if anyone on Kim’s blue list suddenly starts singing her praises.

Of course, Kim is also gifting her friends and family with bottles of BFF and Ride or Die. In her Snapchat video, Kim admitted that the bottles are going out to more than just those names written on the sticky notes. It looks like this was just her personal list of friends and foes who she wanted to send to.

Women like Cardi B, Lala, and Anna Wintour will be able to enjoy Kim’s Ride or Die fragrance. Friends like Karrueche Tran, Coco Austin, and Mariah Carey are going to receive the pink bottle, which happens to be the BFF scent.  Check out the video Kim posted on Snapchat to see the rest of the names.

The press boxes for the Kimoji Hearts fragrances was extra special and those on Kim’s sticky note list will each get one. It comes in a big cake box containing a smashable chocolate heart. The Kimoji Hearts fragrance is inside that chocolate shell so those wanting to get their hands on their smell have to break through a candy barrier first.

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Kim did make it clear a few times for those wishing to order the new fragrance that the press boxes are a little bit special. Those ordering from the KKW Fragrance website won’t be receiving anything more than the fragrance itself. So don’t go ordering thinking that you’ll be breaking through a chocolate wall. That was only a promotional thing and not part of the normal packaging.