Kendall Jenner drama over a cute deer photo?


Kendall Jenner recently posted a photo of the cutest baby deer, snuggled up in a bed of flowers…and it caused controversy. 

How come any time Kendall Jenner tries to really live her best life, she ends up being ridiculed. The 22-year old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star seems to get into a lot of drama by accident (like the Pepsi incident.)

This time around, all Kendall did was post an adorable photo of a baby dear to Instagram. She wasn’t even the only one to post it. Bella Hadid posted the same image and is getting similar backlash for doing it. See the photo below.

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It turns out that the adorable photo was taken by Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife. Like pretty much anyone else, they wanted credit for that photo according to TMZ. The owner of the wildlife refuge spoke to the gossip site and assured them that she’s totally cool with Kendall and Bella sharing the cute photo.

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She just wishes they had given credit for it. After all, with Kendall’s 87 million Instagram followers alone, her shout out could do the non-profit a whole lot of good. The Buffalo, New York Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife rescue works to rehabilitate and release deer back into the wild, just like the adorable fawn we saw in the photo.

The photo in question is back on the Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife Instagram page but this time around, it has the name of the page stamped right across the image of the fawn. The owner explained that she didn’t go after Kendall Jenner and she wasn’t looking for anything.

In fact, she says that TMZ  reached out to her and asked her if she was upset about the repost. That sounds like something they would do. In any case, here is the link for Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife. They reportedly saved 78 fawns last year, costing the org around $500 per baby deer. A lot of their pictures are really cool, including the one that Kendall and Bella shared. The “dalmation” fawn is definitely worth a look.

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Here is the full statement from the owner, who goes by the nickname Fuzzy Fawn. She’s doing good work over there and despite not wanting this type of publicity, we’re hoping that it does her a whole lot of good.

"The infamous photo!! Please read the second/third part of video. @kendalljennerposted my photo, do I think she took it from my gallery, Absolutely not. I’m sure she found it somewhere without credit, liked it enough to post and that is what I told @tmz_tv when “THEY” reached out to me through Facebook and my email. I also explained to them why it’s important to me for my photos to have credit. If you know anything about TMZ, you know they like to put their “spin”on stories to draw in more viewers, I understand that also, it’s their business. When I see one of my photos/videos reposted I always try and get that account to give credit, Why… because I am a volunteer, any exposure helps my cause that I put my heart and soul into 24/7!! Everything I do is for the fawns in my care! I always appreciate you having my back, helping and supporting my efforts🙏 Im not into all this drama!! What surprised me this morning was a long time follower who said she had to unfollow and block me because of what “I” did, going to the press!! In over 500 post and captions I have been nothing but honest and consistent with who I am and what I stand for. If you can easily dismiss me because you read an article from a rag magazine, please unfollow now. I love my instagram family but I did not ask for this kind of publicity."