Busy Phillips gets her, delivers the best unboxing and review of Kimoji Hearts


Kim Kardashian made it clear that more friends would be getting gifts than just those on her now infamous list and it looks like Busy Phillips got her wish. 

A few days ago, Kim Kardashian started a lot of drama when she posted the sticky notes labeling who would be getting a Kimoji Hearts press box filled with a KKW Fragrance inside of a heart-shaped chocolate shell. Some of the “haters” who made the list weren’t very happy about it. Meanwhile, others who didn’t make the list really wished they would end up on the KUWTK star’s Valentine’s Day gift list. Busy Phillips was one of the others in this case.

When Kim initially posted pictures of her Kimoji Hearts press boxes, Busy Phillips must have fallen in love the way we did. On Friday she tweeted,  “I mean. There’s no reason I would get one but I have been secretly hoping @KimKardashian would send me one of those chocolate hearts with perfume in it so I could bust it open with a tiny mallet.”

Well, Busy got her wish!

Apparently, Kim Kardashian saw Busy’s plea for a Valentine’s Day surprise and decided to take her up on it. The Cougar Town alum excitedly told her fans about the surprise in her Instagram story on Monday night.

“You guys. Something really exciting happened today,” Busy wrote. “This is like the most exciting thing that’s happened in awhile.”

That was just the beginning. So far, Busy Phillips’ Valentine’s Day from Kim Kardashian is literally the closest look we’ve had at the latest KKW Fragrance scents. Busy started from the moment she found the box in her refrigerator and it was like a complete unboxing on her Instagram stories as she opened the top of the KKW Fragrance box and learned that she had received [spoiler alert] Bae, the blue heart.


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The chocolate shell is a lot more substantial than I had imagined. It has a blue candy shell and looks just like a conversation heart with “BAE” written on top. Under the candy shell is chocolate and it looks pretty tasty. The package comes with a little wooden mallet that has KKW inscribed on it.

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Busy Phillips was afraid at first to break the candy shell. She visibly didn’t want to destroy and it I can’t really blame her. It looked really cool! Ultimately, Busy didn’t let her fans down and gave the candy heart a whack. Inside of the crumpled candy shell was a blue box with Bae inside. Busy was really excited to get that fragrance, saying that she hoped she’d get Bae.

The Instagram story keeps going even after breaking the candy heart and pulling out the box. Busy continues her unboxing and seriously, she’s a pro at it. She sprayed a bit of Bae on her wrist and said it was “Vanilla-y” before admitting that she wasn’t very good at that sort of stuff but that Kim Kardashian’s fragrance smelled really good.

Throughout the whole thing, Busy couldn’t believe that Kim Kardashian actually sent her a Valentine’s Day gift. She probably thought her wish would go unnoticed. It didn’t though and the thoughtfulness really made Busy Phillips’ day. It was really obvious that her surprise and appreciation was totally genuine, making the whole moment so much more fun to watch.

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It looks like Kim heard that Busy got her heart today too. She took to Twitter and shared Busy’s reaction, which was quite literally the best reaction to one of Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji Hearts press boxes that we’ve seen so far.