The Kardashians: An American Drama by Jeffrey Oppenheimer is not to be missed!


The Kardashians: An American Drama by Jeffrey Oppenheimer takes a closer look at the origins of the famous family before all of the reality TV fame.

Kris Jenner and her famous daughters came crashing onto the scene in 2007 when Keeping Up With The Kardashians debuted on the E! network. Kim Kardashian was the star but even now, everyone knows that Kris Jenner was the genius behind the family’s fame as well as much of their fortune.

What a lot of KUWTK fans don’t know is the backstory. Who were the Kardashians and why are they so interesting? How was Kris groomed and trained to become the women she is now? Did Kris ever think that she would be this successful? Many questions are answered in the 2017 release The Kardashians: An American Drama. 

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As posted on Amazon:

"Secrets and scandals of the Kardashians, so closely held that not even hard core fans have heard about them, are finally exposed in New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer’s forensic dissection of the infamous reality TV clan. From the curious life of patriarch Robert Kardashian, whose family meatpacking business was tainted by scandal, to “momager” Kris Jenner’s top-secret plan for the future, The Kardashians reveals the untold, definitive story based on two years of investigative reporting and scores of candid, on-the-record interviews, ranging from childhood friends to powerful business associates, who break their silence for the first time.In the decade since the Kardashians first appeared on the scene, millions of speculative words have been written about their drama-filled lives. But most has been tabloid hype and gossip column fantasy. Until now.Oppenheimer has written revelatory books on such international icons as the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Hiltons and more, and now comes The Kardashians, the true story that will make headlines and shock even the most loyal fans."

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I totally agree with the above…but trust me, there is a bit MORE to the story than what the Amazon review had to say! This book is not just your usual gossip book without back up. Oppenheimer has quoted and verified the information that he used in his book.

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I found the reading fascinating. It opened my eyes to how the Kardashian saga began years ago before the only famous member was father Robert Kardashian. His part in the family and how they emerged is very enlightening.

Most of all is the background of Kris Kardashian Jenner. She was groomed to be who she should be by her mother at a very young age. She was destined to be rich and famous and really had no other path that she wanted to take to get there.

KUWTK has never focused on how Kris managed to get the family in the spotlight with the help of Kim’s video which is very old news by now. They were not always the fashion icons and social influencers that they have currently morphed in to being.

Kris had her mother to guide her along in life before her marriage. She was trained and set up to go with the fast and rich crowd to get her place into the fast crowd of Los Angeles which also happened to include very rich men and women.

When Kris met Robert Kardashian, she was destined to have the lifestyle that she eventually had with him. She loved him and also his money very much. Without Robert, there would be NO Kardashian following. I question what he would think of the family today or even if the family would be so publicly on display.

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If you love the Kardashians, then you may or may not like the book.. However, it is written honestly in my opinion. Whether a fan or not, get the book and devour it from beginning to end. It is a fascinating read. I came out with a totally different opinion of the Kardashians, and especially Kris by the time I was done. I totally understand why she IS how she IS with the kids and why she is so drive to be the manager of the family in every way.