Kyle Richards knew about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy but didn’t say a word


How much did RHOBH star Kyle Richards know about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy? 

Kris Jenner and Kyle Richards are tight. They have been friends for years, and they will continue to be friends forever. There were even rumors that Kris wanted to join RHOBH, but they were eventually squashed because the momager has enough on her plate already.

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Tuesday night, Kyle Richards was on WWHL with Andy Cohen. It was just two days after Kylie Jenner announced that she had given birth, so everyone was still talking about it. Cohen asked Richards if she knew about the pregnancy.

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Kyle revealed she did know the makeup mogul and reality star was expecting. When probed further about whether or not she knew it was a secret, Richards said that she sort of figured it out. She was seeing all the press on it but Kylie wasn’t speaking about it. It wasn’t her place to talk about the event, so she kept it a secret. There was definitely not an NDA signed.

Several months ago, Kyle Richards commented about how Kylie Jenner would make a good mom. This sparked more curiosity about the young woman, especially because most people do know that Kris Jenner and Kyle are close. Was she speaking out before she knew it was a secret or was it just a simple answer to the question asked?

The Krismas party was also attended by Kyle Richards and her family. It was very clear Kylie Jenner was pregnant there, and yet, no one said anything. In Hollywood, trust is easily broken. It looks like Kris Jenner and Kyle Richards are real friends, which makes their friendship even more important.

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