Kim Kardashian tweets about This Is Us and Justin Hartley responds


When Kim Kardashian asks about a show, the responses aren’t usually as good as the one Justin Hartley gave. 

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This Is Us is probably the most talked about show on television right now. It is in the second season, and it will be wrapping up in just a few weeks. While it doesn’t get a lot of celebrity attention regularly, that all changed earlier this week.

Kim Kardashian sent out a tweet on Wednesday that garnered all of the attention. She asked her followers if they have ever watched This Is Us, and whether or not it was good. That sparked all of the memes you could ever imagine, and the responses were mixed between shock and excitement. How is it possible that Kardashian has never seen an episode of this show?

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Justin Hartley didn’t respond immediately, but he quoted her tweet and responded like he wasn’t a huge part of the show. Fans have been talking about this for days now.

Hartley plays one of the older Big Three kids and has delivered a solid performance. His snark mixed with playful banter makes his tweet to Kim Kardashian one of the best of the year.

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We are here, waiting to see what Kim Kardashian will think of This Is Us. Is she feeling all the feels? How much crying is she doing? Should we buy stock in Kleenex now that Kim Kardashian has mentioned the show? We need every single detail of her viewing experience.

Give it to us. How was This Is Us, Kim Kardashian?