Kim Kardashian responds to criticism over KKW Beauty inclusivity and her concealer line


Kim Kardashian thought the new KKW Beauty concealer shades were very inclusive but she’s willing to do better. 

In the makeup world, the new trend is for beauty lines to be more inclusive, meaning that they offer up shades that can be worn by women with any complexion. When Kim Kardashian announced her new line of concealers, there were 16 shades, a big jump from what most other companies offer. It turns out that wasn’t inclusive enough for today’s consumer, something Kim has already made clear that she would work on.

For years, makeup companies have been criticized for making shades of foundation and concealer that appeal to a very small target audience. Those with fair skin typically have no trouble finding shades to match their complexion. Women and even men with darker skin would often learn that popular brands didn’t cater to them. Even when they tried, often the undertones wouldn’t match, which is just as bad.

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When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, she introduced a new foundation that came in 40 different shades. There was literally a perfect color or close to it for everyone. She got rave reviews for offering up a product that would work for such a diverse group of consumers.

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Rihanna continued the inclusiveness trend with a line of Match Stix concealers that come in 20 different colors and was praised again. Kylie Jenner came right behind her and did the same thing. Kylie Cosmetics offered up 30 different concealer shades, giving makeup lovers even more options.

Both Rihanna and Kylie’s concealer lines came out before Kim Kardashians but that hasn’t stopped people from snapping them up. It also may be part of the reason that Kim’s new concealers are getting so much criticism.

With 16 shades, the KKW Beauty concealers are still pretty inclusive. However, the controversy began when one of the darkest KKW Beauty models was photographed with a swatch of all of the different shades on her arm and none of them were as dark as she was.

While promoting her new collaboration with Mario Dedivanivic, Kim Kardashian was asked about the outcry over her concealers not being inclusive enough

I think my brand is always evolving,” Kim explained to Refinery29. “We did so much research, and the majority of makeup companies have, I think, six concealer shades.”

According to Kim, they did a lot of research before releasing the line of concealers.

“Mario definitely tested them with a variety of skin tones,” Kim continued in her explanation. “Because it is concealer, you use shades lighter than your skin tone. I thought that 16 shades was a really good range to start. I think compared to all the other brands— I think the top 10 brands have six — I thought [16] was pretty inclusive and that we had a good range.”

If there isn’t a KKW Beauty concealer shade that works for you, don’t despair. Kim says that more colors are coming and that she wants to make sure everyone can find the shade that they need.

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“However, I do hear people when I see that there is something that they want. Our concealers did really well, so we are working on expanding our shade range. I definitely want there to be something for everyone. I love paying attention. I want to be inclusive for everyone.”

Now that Kim Kardashian has responded to the outrage over the concealer shade range, her response should give many makeup lovers hope. Unlike many brands who just ignore the noise, Kim made it clear that she’s listening and she hears you.