Kanye West is making a comeback and it’s going to be epic


Kanye West is putting out two albums in June and the buzz is already getting pretty loud. 

Kanye West took a long break from the public eye and the silence was deafening. Known for his outspoken nature and in-your-face opinions, it’s no secret that the last couple of years have been hard on the Chicago rapper.

Over the last week, Kanye has returned to Twitter and it has been magnificent. His timeline has turned into a stream of consciousness and it’s almost like the old Kanye has returned. He’s been tweeting prolifically, sharing ideas and information with fans and we can’t help but be excited about what may be coming next.


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Hardship fuels creativity

It was a year and a half ago that Kanye West took the stage in Sacramento and literally broke down in front of the entire audience. He ranted for several minutes before ending the show early. It was roughly a week later that Kanye was hospitalized for his erratic behavior.

There was a host of factors that caused Kanye’s breakdown and ended the Saint Pablo tour early. The whole thing happened on the anniversary of his mom’s death. That plus the stress of Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, the current political climate and probably a whole lot more than fans aren’t privy to led Kanye to the point where he needed medical attention.

Ever since his shocking rant, Kanye has kept to himself. He’s had nearly 18 months since all of that to get himself together, refocus and to just be creative. Even more importantly, he has a whole new set of experiences to draw on while making his comeback album (or albums in this case.)

Kanye creeps back into social media

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Kanye West made his first social media debut back on Valentine’s Day. He reopened his Instagram account and posted roughly 40 photos of iconic couples, both real and fictional, before adding a photo of himself and Kim Kardashian.

The gesture was sweet and romantic. Unfortunately, it was short-lived. Kanye deactivated his account the very next done and all of the photos he posted the day before disappeared along with it.

On April 13, Kanye returned again. This time to Twitter and so far, he’s still there. Over the past week, Kanye has tweeted prolifically. So much that In Touch believes that another meltdown may be coming. Or maybe we’re watching the actual meltdown in real time. Kanye has claimed that he’s writing a book on Twitter. He also shared that his return to social media was a must because he has a “need to be expressive.”

While Kanye has certainly been sharing some unpopular opinions and what seems like some shocking ideas, he doesn’t seem to be out of his mind at all. Instead, it looks like what we might be seeing right now is actually Kanye West’s comeback.

Kim Kardashian shows preference for a particular album

Kanye West is releasing a solo album on June 1. He revealed the news on Twitter and also shared that the still-untitled release will contain seven new songs.

He’s also releasing a joint album with Kid Cudi on June 8. Kanye revealed that the collaboration is called Kids See Ghosts and there is no telling how many tracks will be included.

With two albums on the way, fans are starting to get Kanye fever. This includes Kim Kardashian, who recently revealed her favorite among the two upcoming albums.

The KarJenner clan joined together to celebrate Kourtney Kardashian’s 39th birthday dinner on Thursday night. Hopefully, Kourtney didn’t mind sharing the spotlight because W Magazine reported that what started as a birthday celebration ended up turning into an album listening party when Kanye started sharing his new music.

They also listened to music by Teyana Taylor and Pusha T, whose work was produced by Kanye and will also be dropping in June. It looks like that will be a great month for Kanye.

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Hopefully, when Kanye West’s new music hits the airwaves, it’ll be a new era for the “Saint Pablo” rapper. The last few years have been rough but Kanye’s talent is real. When he goes back out on tour, it will be epic. There have been a lot of jokes made recently about Kanye but don’t underestimate him. Yeezy is about to be back on top and when it happens, he’ll be changing up the hip-hop game again and proving all his doubters wrong in the process.