Kanye West shares photo of mother’s plastic surgeon on Twitter


Donda West died because of plastic surgery complications and it’s pretty clear that Kanye West is still trying to forgive her surgeon. 

Kanye West’s mother would have loved to see her grandkids grow up but her life was cut short after suffering complications from plastic surgery. The loss of his mom hasn’t been easy on Kanye. His 2016 breakdown was blamed on the anniversary of his mother’s death, a day that will always be hard for him.

It seems that in Kanye’s latest Twitter rant, which has been ongoing for the last two weeks, his musing about love and forgiveness is an effort to let go of the hate in his heart. Even when it comes to the last plastic surgeon to work on his mother before she passed away.

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On Saturday, Kanye took to Twitter yet again. This time he posted what he says will be the photo on the cover of his album. It’s a photo of Jan Adams. It’s not the first time we’ve heard his name and his identity certainly isn’t a secret. However, it’s not something Kanye is usually so open about.

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The entire screenshot is from a text message conversation with someone named Wes. There’s a lot of speculation about who Wes is but that’s beside the point.

The point is that it looks like Kanye West is getting ready to dedicate his next album to the man that he blames for his mother’s death.

Now here’s where it really gets interesting. Dr. Adams has been waiting for years for Kanye to clear his name. Back in 2015, he gave an exclusive interview to New York Daily News about it.

“It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth,” Adams told the NY Daily News“I think (Kanye) should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Is that what’s happening now? Finally, Kanye West is trying to set himself free?

“I think the truth needs to be out there. If he had any balls or if he was any kind of man he could (speak up). But the real answer is he probably won’t,” Adams continued.

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Well, it looks like he was really wrong. Or at least sort of wrong anyway. Kanye admitted that he’s working on love and loving everyone instead of hate. That means he’s been harboring hate for this man for over a decade and probably does think he’s to blame, though details shared about her final days make it look like maybe that wasn’t the case.

Either way, Kanye is ready to let the hate go and move on. It just seems like it would be more appropriate to share a photo of his mother in this quest for love. Hopefully, he’ll find the peace that he’s looking for through this latest artistic journey.