Kim Kardashian, Kanye West divorce rumors circulate after a shocking week of appearances


After Kanye West shocked nearly everyone with his now-infamous TMZ and Charlemagne Tha God interviews, it seems natural for the next step to be a round of Kim Kardashian divorce rumors.

How far is too far and has Kanye West arrived there yet? Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian’s husband upped the shock factor when he told Harvey Levin from TMZ that “slavery was a choice.” Things got even weirder in an interview with Charlemagne where he admitted that he does not go to therapy and isn’t taking his meds.

Is Kanye okay? That’s what a lot of his (former) fans want to know after Yeezy made some incredibly polarizing comments on the current political situation. The other question that seems to be making rounds now is whether or not we’ll be dealing with another Kim Kardashian divorce if her husband doesn’t reign himself in and stop putting everyone off.

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After all, Kim’s empire has taken her over a decade to build and it’s not something she’s keen on giving up. With the way public opinion is shifting in terms of Kanye West, there’s a pretty good chance that his drama is going to start becoming her drama and affecting her popularity.

The rumblings about whether or not Kim Kardashian will divorce Kanye West are starting to get louder with each tweet from the controversial rapper. On Thursday, Life & Style even ran a story claiming that Kim is calling it quits.

After a shocking string of tweets from Kanye where he has managed to sound lucid in some and completely out of his mind in others, Kim took a moment to tweet in his defense. She even took shots at the media for daring to question if Kanye was in the middle of another breakdown. After comparing his recent rants on Twitter and in interviews to the things he was saying on the Saint Pablo tour that ended with the rapper getting hospitalized, it’s easy to see where many got the idea that maybe Kanye was mid-breakdown again.

“Kim is in talks with lawyers about getting a divorce,” a Life & Style. source claims “Kanye’s acting more unpredictable than ever. Things have gotten so bad that Kim and Kanye sleep in separate rooms.”

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Despite the report, right now the Kim Kardashian divorce rumors are just that  – rumors. That doesn’t mean she’s not thinking about it, though. And could anyone really blame her? With many of Kanye’s former fans swearing him off forever, something drastic will need to be done soon. If it’s not a divorce, then what will it be?