Kris Jenner isn’t kidding when she asks for total discretion


Kris Jenner will spare no expense if you violate her privacy.

The KarJenner clan is incredibly private when it comes to certain aspects of life. It is true that many of them can be found on social media talking about things happening, but when something is meant to be private, it better stay that way.

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In a recent interview, Kris Jenner talked about what it would take to be her assistant. Apparently, the confidentiality agreement you would sign is a huge deal. You should not talk about Jenner or any of her children. Unless you know without a doubt it is public knowledge, don’t even mention it.

When asked about whether or not Kris Jenner will follow through with a lawsuit, the answer is yes. The principal is the same no matter the wealth of the violator. Jenner has likely had issues in the past with people messing with her family and this confidentiality agreement will alleviate the worry to a certain degree.

The pregnancy leaks were a perfect example. Someone was obviously telling the press about Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. While it is being speculated that Stephanie Shepherd may have been the mole, nothing has been confirmed. Also, it was revealed that one person who was in contact with Kylie Jenner was taking photos of her when she was pregnant. That was a huge deal for her, and Kris as well.

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Privacy is a huge deal to Kris Jenner. The family has been open with fans, but some things are meant to be kept to themselves. Everyone deserves a little piece of themselves they don’t have to share and the KarJenner clan is no different.