Kim Kardashian slammed over lollipop promotion but we aren’t mad


After posting a paid ad for weight loss lollipops, Kim Kardashian was slammed for the photo.

Another day, another reason to slam Kim Kardashian. She has been raked over the coals for things she has done based on the merit that she is a role model for young women. Of course, Kardashian has never intentionally posted a photo or made a comment that would upset or offend her followers.

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The latest ad sweeping Instagram is for weight loss lollipops. Kim Kardashian posted on her account with the lollipop. It had been removed by Instagram but was replaced after an apology was issued to Kardashian. She was criticized for promoting the product because of her reach and influence over young girls. While that may be a mild concern, how many would really have purchased the product? And if they did, how many of the young women have already tried other appetite suppressants or another diet idea?

The idea that Kim Kardashian promoting the product would influence a bunch of young girls is a bit absurd. While she is highly followed, many of her followers try to be the first comment on the newest photo or try and copy her fashion. Being that it was clearly marked as an ad, the calling out of Kardashian was a bit excessive.

Kim Kardashian is a target for anything you want to complain about. She is an incredibly generous reality star and businesswoman, yet those efforts seem to go unnoticed.

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Jameela Jamil went for the jugular when calling out Kim Kardashian for the promotion. Her opinion means very little to the fans who follow the KarJenner clan, that’s for sure.