Kylie Jenner delivers epic birthday gift to huge fan


Kylie Jenner is appreciative of her fans, especially Johnny Cyrus.

There have been a lot of things said about Kylie Jenner, but no one wants to talk about the awesome things she does. Being a celebrity comes with perks, but it also comes with plenty of haters when it comes to social media. Everyone talks a big game, but no one wants to get into the nice things Jenner does.

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Johnny Cyrus has been a fan of Kylie Jenner for years. He has met the beauty mogul/reality star on several occasions, documenting it on social media. At this point, you could say the two are friends. Well, Jenner showed him how much she appreciates his support and loyalty with a nice birthday gift.

It was revealed on Instagram that Kylie Jenner gifted Johnny Cyrus a $2,000 Louis Vuitton backpack. He put it on full display, thanking the mogul for the birthday gift. It looks like he may have hand-delivered the gift, possibly even at the San Francisco pop-up Jenner hosted earlier this month.

On social media, Johnny Cyrus has showcased his love and admiration for Kylie Jenner. There are several photos of the two together at various events. Cyrus seems to be a super fan, which obviously put him on her radar.

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Being generous is something that Kylie Jenner is known for, especially in her inner circle. Loyalty is important to her, and her fans are some of the best there is out there. Johnny Cyrus is enjoying his birthday gift and everyone else is swooning over it with him.