Fans can’t get enough of adorable throwback photo Rob Kardashian shared of him and Khloe

Holy throwback! It’s no secret Rob Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have gone through the ultimate transformation through the years, but a newly surfaced photo shows just how far they’ve come.

In the pic, taken during childhood, the sibling duo look unbelievably different and fans everywhere did a double take after seeing the photo. Rob posted the snapshot to his Instagram page on September 13, showing him and KoKo totally twinning in denim jumpsuits. “Bang bang,” he captioned the post.

Fans couldn’t get over the sweet pic, and filled Rob Kardashian’s comments section with loving messages.

“Nobody messes with lil brother!!! I love it #familyovereverything,” one fan wrote.
“Awwww!!! The cutest siblings 2 in 1,” another said. “MY TWO FAVORITE KARDASHIANS,” yet another wrote.

Rob and Khloe are undeniably close, and earliest this year, she spoke out about his big return to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“Rob is going to be on the show more,” she told People on July 16. “Rob is truly my best friend. I love, love, love, him. He’s always around. People think we don’t see him, but just because the public doesn’t see him, doesn’t mean we don’t see him.”

“We never push him, everything is his free will,” she continued. “We always take photos — we have so many memories, but nothing public, so I was really happy because on my birthday, he said, ‘Oh, you can post that. I’m fine, I feel good.’ It made us feel so good that he was comfortable. And the reaction from the public was so positive that it gave him a boost of confidence.”

As the 19th season of KUWTK approaches, fans can’t wait to see more of Rob Kardashian!