Why Kim Kardashian is being trolled for her latest Instagram caption

Kim Kardashian (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images) /

Fans can’t stop poking fun at Kim Kardashian after she posted an Instagram photo on January 24 with a questionable caption. Kim took to social media with a snapshot of herself dressed to the nines in a black Versace tube dress, suggesting to her 201 million followers in her caption that it was a throwback. “I miss dressing up,” she wrote.

However, fans were quick to point out that it seems Kim’s glamorous lifestyle has hardly been affected by the pandemic, and she’s actually dressed up on numerous occasions.

“Her caption lmao. Girl, you never stopped dressing up,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Right?? Girl please– I can count the number of days over the past 9 months where I’ve worn anything besides PJ’s or sweats on one hand! I’ve been giving myself haircuts!,” another explained.

Many people brought up Kim’s 40th birthday trip where she flew to Tahiti with friends and family and dressed up daily. “B***h u were just on a private island partying with 40 different custom outfits,” one person added in the Reddit thread.

You can see Kim Kardashian’s questionable post below.

Fans may have a point. Kim incited a major controversy in October when she jet-setted off on her island getaway, breaking California’s stay-at-home recommendations and shamelessly posting beachside snapshots to Instagram and Twitter. At the time, she defended her decision to go on vacation during the pandemic with a tweet explaining that her family and friends had gotten tested for COVID-19 beforehand.

Still, it wasn’t enough for fans, who slammed the family for vacationing while so many others were facing tough times and losing loved ones. The backlash didn’t seem to phase the family, though, with Khloe Kardashian defending her sister’s island party.

Kim Kardashian may not be hitting red carpets every night, but she’s hardly put dressing up on the back burner.

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