Khloé Kardashian wishes Tristan Thompson a happy birthday with sweet photos

Khloé Kardashian has nothing but gentle words towards her ex, Tristan Thompson on his birthday. See how she honored him.

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Khloé Kardashian let the animosity aside between her and her ex, Tristan Thompson, as she wishes him a happy birthday on March 13th. To celebrate the NBA player’s 33rd rotation around the sun, the reality star selected a pair of photos that represented Tristan best, as a loving father to their two children, True and Tatum respectively and a supporting brother to Amari, who has developmental disabilities,

Khloé took to Instagram and Snapchat to share two sweet photos of Tristan to her 300+ million followers. While she and him are no longer together, Khloé still respects him as a dad and his professional endeavors.

In the first of the two snaps, Tristan is holding Tatum (Rob’s mini-me!) while his daughter True “helps” him open his present. Black tissue paper surround them as all smile big for the photo.

“Happy birthday @RealTristan13!” Khloé writes in the photo, that she used as an Instagram Story slide.

In the second one, Tristan is beside his younger brother Amari. Since their mother Andrea Thompson‘s death from a heart attack in January 2023, the older Thompson has been Amari’s sole caretaker. The latter has epilepsy, along with other serious complications that hinder him from living independently. Tristan ensures that his baby brother gets the best care so he can enjoy his life.

“Your mommy would be so proud of you!” Khloé writes on the photo. During season 4 of The Kardashians, Khloé elaborated Amari’s round-the-clock medical care and had since taken responsibility to provide him that.

Tristan Thompson gains full custody of Amari Thompson

On February 26th, 2024 Tristan legally became Ameri’s primary guardian, following months after initially petitioning. The new appointed role would acquire Tristan to provide for Amari’s basic needs and handle his financial assets. Additionally, the guardianship will access him to legal situations should they arise and living expenses.

As for her children, Khloé expressed she didn’t want to them away from their father, as they should have a close relationship. Currently, the former are co-parenting, and albeit that it’s not an easy thing to deal with at times, Khloé remains unpreventive for her kids’ sake.

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