Kim Kardashian has the dream office we want: See her TikTok tour!

Kim Kardashian makes all of her business magic inside her office and it's an absolute dream.
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What's a typical workday in Kim Kardashian's life? You're about to find out as she gives us a TikTok tour of her office. Every business decision Kim delegated and chose took place in the spacious suite, and whatever she needed inspiration for a new SKKN project, she just looked at her past accomplishments.

The tour's first stop is a wall with the covers of every magazine Kim has graced over the years. If you're "keeping up" with this beauty and fashion magnate, you'll know she made the covers of Time and GQ Men last year.

"I'm Kim Kardashian. Of course, I have all [of] my magazine covers covering my walls," Kim says, showing the framed pieces set proportionately aligned on her cream-colored walls.

In the next room, a customized mannequin with Kim's measurements is on full display, proving that all of Kim's Red Carpet and event fashions are tailored just right. Or for when she wants to throw an everyday look together. When you're Kim Kardashian, you must look your best everywhere you go.

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Another exciting object inside her space is the 3D model of her brain, a gift from the Prenuvo Scan Center from when she did her first full-body scan with them back in August. She also had a model of her private jet, Kim Air.

Followed by the big-screen TV with her SKKN beauty ads on a continuous loop, Kim then shows her tanning bed, which is an unusual choice to have in an office. Yet, she defensively explained its purpose to a comment made by Allure on X, formerly Twitter, who told the star to "try not to normalize tanning beds."

Kim completes her office tour with a customized lounge area created by designer Rick Owens (he designed her entire office, and a sneak peek of her upcoming SKKN makeup line.

Why Kim Kardashian has a tanning bed inside her office

After several comments made by fans and Allure, Kim got candid about why she has a tanning bed. It's because she has psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder that causes red, flakey, itchy, and sometimes patches of sore skin on the body. The arms, legs, scalp, abdomen, and back are the most common places for inflammation. It can also cause joint pain, also known as "psoriatic arthritis."

"I have psoriasis and it (the tanning bed) really helps when it's bad," she says on Twitter. "But I don't use it too often."

Kim has been living with the condition since 2011 and has kept it alleviated by incorporating plant-based foods into her diet, as well as using creams and keeping stress levels at a minimum, per

Tanning beds are linked to skin cancer and other dangerous health concerns, so I agree with the comments made by the concerned. I've never used a bed due to my extremely sensitive and fair skin, with a high risk for cancer and even eye degeneration, so I can't tell you what they're like as an experience. That said if you decide to use one, know the associated risks and try not to use them often.

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