The Kardashians: Kylie Jenner addresses her anxiety before flight take off

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family has something to say.
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When it comes to mental health and well-being, Kylie Jenner knows how to prioritize hers. In the June 27th episode of The Kardashians, the mother of two addressed her near-crippling anxiety when she, her three older sisters-Kim, Khloé, and Kendall, plus her mother, Kris, are about to take off to Aspen, Colorado, for their winter getaway. Anxiety is understandable, so I relate to Kylie in that respect, and especially when it comes to traveling.

I travel via airlines for work and leisure. Since I'm a disabled woman, there's vulnerability and a higher risk of anything that could possibly go wrong, which raises my high-functioning anxiety to astronomical levels. That said, I follow a series of protocols to ease the turbulence, such as arriving early a few hours before departure, and contacting the airports 48 hours in advance to notify them that I'm a disabled passenger, requiring additional assistance and safety. I love to travel, and applying these measures makes my experience lighter.

For disclosure, the measures may not work for everyone, but they work for my situations.

Circling back to Kylie, things were looking up for her prior to the trip, and she was looking forward to spending time with her sisters, mom, and her mom's boyfriend Corey Gamble.

"I am very excited. I've been wanting to go to Aspen this year," the Kylie Cosmetics mogul disclosed in her confessional. "I try to snowboard at least once a year. And I'm just feeling very blessed to be around family."

Once Kylie stepped on the private plane, her emotions took a downturn.

Kylie Jenner shares her anxiety while onboard but gets backlashed

Kylie bravely opened up about her concerns prior to taking off for Aspen, which was delayed by nearly an hour due to inclement weather. Once the pilot got the all-clear to land in Grand Junction, three hours away from Aspen, that's when Kylie started to panic. The pilot then adds there's snow in the area and they'll have to drive through it.

"I don’t think that’s safe. I don’t like to drive in the snow,” the star expresses, dropping more info on three snow-related accidents involving Kylie's friends. Her heart's on the trip, as she's all ready to go and packed, but soon, her anxiety reaches its peak.

"I'm really good [at] flying. I wasn't in the past. I have gotten so much better, but I am having a lot of anxiety. I am just not comfortable right now and thinking about my kids [Stormi and Aire]. I am maybe dramatic but I feel like something isn’t safe," reflected Kylie in her confessional. To her family on the plane, she goes into ominous detail about why she was having a near-meltdown.

"I've been having a really bad feeling the last two days. I couldn't even sleep last night. I just have a really bad feeling. I don't like this series of events [and] I feel like I have to go. I think I am going to get off [this plane]."

The Kardashians Kylie Jenner anxiety
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Before she exits the aircraft, Kendall offers her insight to Kylie, who's a bit peeved about her departure. "The fact that you even put that out into the universe is one of the weirdest things."

Kendall then says that Kylie has done this act several times before, and the present attack isn't a new existence. While she understands her sister's emotional anatomy, Kendall also states she "doesn't understand why" Kylie bails out, but it's "part of her pattern."

The supermodel was upset that she had to miss snowboarding with her sister, as it's one of their favorite activities they have shared together since their childhood. Their sisters have a love of skiing since they did it with their late father, Robert Kardashian; Kendall and Kylie had their bond of snowboarding.

Kris was empathetic regarding her youngest daughter's anxiety, and as a mom, she wan't only the best outcome for her kids.

"Kylie's anxiety is kicking in and I totally understand. I know that the other girls [Kim, Khloé, and Kendall} are frustrated, but it's one of my babies. Of course I'm going to understand and not get mad at her. I don't want her to feel anxious."

On the other hand, Kim was annoyed entirely by Kylie's choice and said, "It's always like this every time." The SKIMS founder was obviously speaking about Kylie dropping out at the last minute when the family had to fly. I don't know about you, but there's something terrifying about traveling on small or private planes. I always felt a shift in pressure significantly worse than on a commercial jet and a change in aerodynamics when in flight, so maybe that's Kylie's belief, too.

After failure in trying to coerce Kylie to get back on plane, the family finally take off for their journey.

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