Blac Chyna returns jewelry and cars as Rob Kardashian cuts her off financially


At this point, it’s safe to assume that everyone knows about Rob Kardashian’s Instagram rant against Blac Chyna. 

Blac Chyna is done dealing with Rob Kardashian and to prove it, she has returned two cars to her ex-fiance as well as jewelry that he gave her. TMZ reported that Chyna returned the gifts after Rob said he was no longer financially supporting the mother of his child.

Prior to Rob’s Instagram blow up, he had been paying Chyna’s rent. As he indicated during his day-long social media rant, it looks like Rob has also been paying for her cars and may have even put the down payment on her mother’s car too.

According to the reports, Chyna isn’t worried about Rob no longer shelling out cash for everything she wants. Nor does she care if he continues to pay her bills.

The former stripper turned reality star has allegedly been saving up money from previous appearances and also from their now-defunct reality show Rob & Chyna so she won’t be hurting for money. It seems that Chyna may have known this was coming at some point and made sure she was ready in case something dramatic went down.

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In the time since Rob Kardashian’s Instagram rant, Blac Chyna has retained a lawyer. It was reported that they plan to be in court on Monday morning securing a restraining order to keep Rob away from Chyna.

The big question now is what will happen with Dream? Many have predicted a huge custody war over the toddler but it looks like Chyna isn’t worried about keeping her daughter away from Rob. After all, Dream was with Rob prior to the Wednesday rant and may still be there.

When it comes to Blac Chyna’s kids, it looks like she hasn’t been spending time with either of them lately. When Tyga was questioned about the drama between Rob and Chyna, his response was to just leave his kid out of it while he plays good dad to King Cario. Lately, Tyga has been the one taking care of his son just like Rob has been spending a lot of time with Dream.

One reason Blac Chyna may be shying away from a Kardashian custody battle could be due to both of their massive personal issues. Rob launched huge accusations against Chyna for using drugs, excessive drinking and for bringing several strange men around the kids.

On the flipside, Rob may be dealing with some serious legal issues stemming from the nude photos that he posted of Chyna. Since he lives in and posted from California, he could be prosecuted under the local revenge porn laws. There is also the issue of Rob’s mental health and the severe depression battle he has been fighting for years.

If Rob and Chyna were to face off in court and fight over custody of Dream, many fear that neither of them will win. Then who will raise baby Dream? Kris Jenner comes to mind.

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