Blac Chyna speaks out about Rob Kardashian feud on ‘Good Morning America’ [Video]


Blac Chyna spoke out this morning about her feud with Rob Kardashian alongside her high-profile lawyer on Good Morning America this morning. 

If you haven’t heard about Rob Kardashian and his rant against Blac Chyna last week you’ve been living under a rock. The reality star posted nude photos of his ex-girlfriend all over social media.

His tirade started on Instagram, but when his account was shut down there, Kardashian took to Twitter to repost them. It escalated quickly and now, legal action is being taken.

According to E! Online, Blac Chyna sat down with her attorney, Lisa Bloom, for an interview that aired on Good Morning America this morning. She talked about how Rob Kardashian doesn’t respect her.

Chyna reportedly talked with him after Wednesday’s outbursts and has now decided to file for a temporary domestic violence restraining order. They are headed to court this morning to have this matter be heard in a California courtroom.

Blac Chyna claims that her relationship with Rob Kardashian ended back in December. He has reportedly been poking her for months and allegedly got violent with her back in April. From the

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accounts Kardashian has documented on social media, it isn’t too far of a stretch to believe Chyna’s claims.

Right now, she is indicating she still intends to keep their joint custody agreement in place for Dream. It was reported that the baby girl was with her dad when the tirade happened but over the weekend, she was spotted with Chyna at a nail salon.

The Kardashian sisters have yet to publicly speak about Rob and his transgressions. Kris Jenner is allegedly working behind the scenes to make this go away and smooth things over to avoid Kardashian facing revenge porn charges. Blac Chyna has not had her ex-boyfriend arrested or charged with anything at this point, but there is no telling what will happen down the road.

The entire interview with Blac Chyna and attorney, Lisa Bloom, will air on ABC’s Nightline tonight.

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