Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors have taken over the internet


Is she pregnant? Is she not? Right now the internet is abuzz trying to figure out if the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors are true. 

Kylie Jenner is pregnant and Travis Scott is the father according to a spanking new TMZ report. According to the gossip site, multiple sources are spreading the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors.

Apparently, the KUWTK star and her rapper boyfriend have already been telling their friends about the baby news. As we already know with all things Kardashian, those in the inner circle probably won’t keep their mouths closed for long.

There’s also the possibility that Kylie and Travis are taking queues from Kim to see which of their friends are loyal and which are not.

Don’t know what I mean? Remember back when Kim gave birth to North? She sent different fake newborn photos to her friends to see which ones would sell them to tabloids and which friends were trustworthy.

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There’s a good chance that’s what is happening here too. Maybe this is a stunt to see who Kylie can trust. Meanwhile, the headlines are taking over the world.

Or maybe it’s true. Kylie Jenner is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She’s young, sexy and she is in a relationship. If she’s having sex, she could get pregnant. That’s just science.

There’s also photographic “evidence” of the status of Kylie Jenner’s uterus. No, not a picture of a positive pregnancy test. Nothing that definitive at all.

Instead, a picture of Kylie and her friends is being used to prove the pregnancy believers right. In it, Kylie stands between a handful of her friends, including BFF Jordyn Woods, and she’s wearing a baggy t-shirt.

It was also reported that Kylie has been posting a lot of old photos and that new ones show her from the chest up.

This feels about as legit as the Khloe Kardashian weight gain rumors that sparked because she wore sweats outside of the house. You hurt her feelings, y’all!

If Kylie Jenner is pregnant, she’s going to have to tell us sooner or later. So far that hasn’t happened so for now, I’m filing this one to rumors.

And speak of rumors…

Here is the craziest Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumor

One of the most outlandish things that have been reported since the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors broke earlier today is that Tyga is the father. Say what!?

It’s doubtful that anyone actually believed that. It turns out that when news of a Kylie Jenner pregnancy broke, the “Rack City” rapper had a shocking reaction, though. Thanks to The Shade Room for grabbing an image of the Snapchat confession because Tyga deleted it almost as quickly as it went up.

He’s not serious, is he?

People went even further to report that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a baby girl. She is reportedly four months pregnant according to their source, who also claims that the expectant couple is so excited about the baby news.

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Until Kylie Jenner comes forward to clear things up, we won’t really know the truth. It is weird timing, you have to admit. With the Keeping Up With The Kardashians 10th anniversary special just days away and the Season 14 premiere following a week after, a round of Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors is an excellent way to start up the hype machine.