Kendall Jenner pregnant: Rumors are circulating….again


Fresh off the heels of Khloe Kardashian giving birth, another KarJenner clan member is rumored to be pregnant.

It looks like talk of Kendall Jenner being pregnant is making the rounds on social media again. Of course, it is highly unlikely. Jenner has been linked to Blake Griffin, but their relationship was never publicly announced. After his ex decided to file a palimony suit against him and named Kendall in the paperwork, we thought that would be it.

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Gossip about Kendall Jenner just recently started to circulate again. Last fall, rumors of a pregnancy for her were also circulating alongside Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. While both of her sisters did end up being pregnant, Kendall was not.

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The reports are coming from Fameolous, a celebrity gossip site. While that may not be impressive, they are sharing a tip they got from an executive in the modeling world. The information is not exactly credible as the source is anonymous, but the report was run anyway. It is rumored that Kendall Jenner is turning down modeling jobs because she is expecting. This particular job was for couture week in Paris. It is still a few weeks away, but Jenner reportedly was unavailable because she is pregnant.

It is indeed possible that Kendall Jenner turned down the job. She is the highest-paid model, and maybe she was just not interested in whatever the deal what they offered her. As this plays out, it will come to light what happened. Jenner isn’t known for living a high-profile life, except when it comes to modeling. If something is happening that is preventing her from doing her job, it will be noticed soon.

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Our best guess is that Kendall Jenner isn’t pregnant, but something else is up. She hasn’t made any announcements on social media, and for now, we are taking that as a good sign. A Kendall Jenner baby is likely a long time away.