The Kardashians wish Rob Kardashian a happy birthday

Rob Kardashian (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Rob Kardashian (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images) /

Rob Kardashian celebrated his thirty-sixth birthday on March 17th, which also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. While he prefers the private life and away from the cameras, it doesn’t mean the Kardashians will ignore his special day.

Older sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, and their mother, Kris Jenner, gave heartwarming birthday tributes to their younger brother and son on their respective social media profiles. The honors include throwback photos, videos, and detailed memories.

Kris’s is a special home video of Rob as a baby and features his father, the late Robert Kardashian Sr. There’s also footage of the USC grad from when he participated in Dancing With the Stars.

Along with the video, Kris wrote a beautiful message.

Happy birthday to my amazing wonderful, beautiful son, Rob! You are one of the most amazing humans I know in life. You are so kind, loving, smart, creative, generous, giving, and one of the nicest and most humble men I have ever known. You are the greatest dad in the world! You are so amazing and fabulous with Dream! You make sure her every need and desire is taken care of constantly and you do it with such joy, passion, consistency, and love. Thank you Rob for all the passion, all the love, all the kindness that you give all of us every single day, I thank God every single day that he chose me to be your Mom. I am the luckiest mother in the world to have you as my son. I feel completely blessed, and I love you more than you will ever know. Mommy xoxo ❤️.”

Rob saw the post and wrote in the comments,

I love you, Mama!” read the caption, accompanied by a series of blue heart and hand emojis.

The momager also shared photos through her IG Stories and a Dancing With The Stars clip right after her birthday post.

Eldest sister Kourtney dropped her dedication to her favorite brother with a throwback photo from when they were kids in the 1980s. Kourtney wore a daisy-printed blouse, matching pink pants, and drop daisy earrings. A young Rob is dressed all in denim.

80s icons,” the Poosh founder captioned for hers.

Kim wasn’t shy about wishing Rob a happy birthday. She shared a carousel of snaps of their younger selves, including one when promoting Keeping Up With The Kardashians. For the last slide, Rob can be heard speaking “fake Armenian.”

Happy Birthday, RobertitoI just love you SO SO SOOOO much!!!” The media personality gushed. “I wish I could post your singing voice notes on here to show the world your true talents BUTTTT swipe to the last one to hear Robbie speak fake Armenian. You make our entire family’s days with you’re silly messages! Not sure what I would ever do without you!  ∞”

Awwww I love youuuuu,” The Arthur George Socks founder wrote.

Kris added her words in the comments.

OMG I’m crying .”

And finally, Khloe unveiled her set. Rob is riding a pony back in hers, and their dad is featured in his first birthday video. The latter is very emotionally “sad.

The Good American founder is the closest to Rob’s age by three years, resulting in a tight bond. She penned a lengthy tribute to her brother and called him her “baby bobby boy.

It’s one of my most favorite days because it’s one of my Most favorite human being’s birthday!! My baby bobby boy.

My wish for you is a thousand wishes And for them all to come true. That you wake up one day and you know with everything inside your being that you are enough. You’ve always been enough. My wish is that you feel what anyone feels when they are in your presence, complete bliss and respect! You make people feel safe and that they are home when they are around you. I pray you realize that WE are the lucky ones because we have you. My wish for you, I want you to be happy. Deeply and sublimely happy. I want deep peaceful happiness to enter your life and for it to never leave your side. I wish for God to place a crown upon your head and that this crown cloak you in strength, grace and love.”

Khloe continues with her tribute, highlighting how their kids have a close relationship like theirs.

My wish is that you continue to do things that push you outside your comfort zone. Let this season be what it needs to be. Let it shape you how it is destined to. Tell people that you love them, often, and that you appreciate them. Be the greatest person you can possibly be. Do things that make you proud. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best of you. Believe in yourself and in your journey. Continue to be humble, Let go of the pressure that your past has put on you. Thrive at your own pace. The secret is, just be better than you were yesterday. The desire is to Do it all for you and you alone.

Robert I couldn’t be prouder to say I am your sister. I couldn’t be luckier that I get to call you whenever I want about absolutely nothing. I thank God every day for our relationship and the relationship with our children. God always had a plan!! I thank God that you and I both have the weirdest humor. I couldn’t be more blessed or excited that I have an entire lifetime with you! Genuinely you are one of the most loving, hysterical, gentle and majestic human beings I’ve ever known. Being your sister is an absolute privilege. I will forever protect you my beautifully brave brother. Happy birthday king.”

Rob’s response to his older sister was short but sweet.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself! I Love You so much and these words mean more to me than you will ever know. I love you forever and thank God for YOU! .”

Khloe and Kourtney gave their followers a peek at Rob’s birthday cake to wrap up the birthday dedications. The decorated cake resembles a Lucky Charms cereal box, with Rob replacing L.C. Leprechaun, the cereal’s mascot.

Why Rob Kardashian left the spotlight

Rob left his family’s show after season thirteen wrapped up in 2017. Since then, he has preferred to live a private life but is still incredibly supportive of his family. He is also the father of six-year-old Dream Kardashian, his light and love.

He’s doing great and focusing on being the best father to Dream,” E! reported on Friday.  “They [Rob and Dream] spend an incredible amount of time together and with the whole family.”

For those wondering how Rob is doing after walking away from the crew and cameras, he’s doing well for the moment. He’s focused on his businesses and is in a really good mental space.

Way to go, Robert, and may life continue to bring you blessings.