Rapper Rarri cancels jewelry order for Blac Chyna after Rob Kardashian rant


It looks like Rob Kardashian’s Instagram rant caused Blac Chyna to miss out on even more jewelry. 

We’ve been hearing a lot about Blac Chyna’s side boo rapper Rarri True ever since Rob’s shocking social media rant on July 5. It turns out that Rarri was really head over heels for Chyna after spending some time with her recently.

The rapper was even going to gift Blac Chyna with some very expensive jewelry just like Rob Kardashian did. However, after Rob went all the way off on his ex-fiance, Rarri decided that maybe he shouldn’t spend so much money on Chyna’s bling.

The exact amount that Chyna’s new friend was about to spend on Chyna’s new jewelry was $135,648  according to Perez Hilton. That’s a lot of money for some jewelry but it turns out he was planning to gift her with a Rolex, earrings and a gold necklace among other things.


It was also reported that Rarri was so infatuated with Blac Chyna that he even listed her as his spouse on the receipt.

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To make things even more disappointing for Blac Chyna, the jewelry was set to be delivered on July 5. That is the same day that Rob Kardashian started going off on Instagram claiming that Chyna sent him a video of her kissing another man. Another man who reportedly is not Rarri the rapper.

After getting outed for using Rob for all he would give, Rarri decided he didn’t want to be a sucker too. That’s why the rapper opted to cancel the jewelry order as all of the Kardashian drama swirled.

It didn’t stop him from dropping a couple more nude Blac Chyna photos on Instagram. We can only imagine that Rarri shared those pictures just to get under Rob’s skin.

Rarri didn’t get his Instagram shut down for the photo share. That’s because none of Blac Chyna’s naughty parts were showing. His pictures just proved that the pair had been sharing her bed quite a bit lately.


So far, Chyna hasn’t commented after losing out on Rarri’s jewelry. She reportedly did return Rob’s expensive gifts prior to hiring Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom as her attorney and letting everyone know that she’ll be in court on Monday morning.

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